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Mike Antonelli's Bull & Baird Blog

Mike Antonelli's Bull & Baird Blog

Mike Antonelli shares timely thoughts and ideas regarding the market and investor behavior on his blog Bull & Baird. His commentary is though provoking and easy to understand. He has been with Baird since 2007 and currently resides in Whitefish Bay, WI with his wife and children.

Link to Brian Wesbury's Blog Page at First Trust

Brian Wesbury is Cief Economist at First Trust Advisors L.P. He regularly posts interest articles about the market and the economy that you may find interesting

Brian Wesbury Blog

Market Strategy by Strategas - a Baird Company

Strategas – a Baird Companyprovides Market Strategy and timely perspective to help you better understand what’s happening in the world today and what it means for your portfolio and plans. These premier insights combine investment strategy, macroeconomic perspective, government policy research, technical analysis and a deep understanding of the fixed income and equity markets. This comprehensive Market Strategy complements and enhances our investment and planning solutions for you.

Click here to view Strategas Market Insights

In the Markets Now by Ross Mayfield

Ross Mayfield is an Investment Strategy on Baird’s Research team. He is a CFA® professional who works closely with financial advisors to educate clients about the economy and markets. In addition, he creates investment strategy content aimed at helping clients achieve their long-term financial goals. 

Ross holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Kentucky and earned his MBA from the University of Louisville. Prior to Baird, Ross was an ETF Analyst, and then a Research Analyst at Hilliard Lyons, which was acquired by Baird in 2019. In these roles, he covered a broad range of subjects, from investment product analysis to individual equity research.

A Louisville native, Ross serves as Secretary on the board of the CFA Society Louisville.

Ross Mayfield, CFA is an Investment Strategy Analyst for Baird.  He puts together a monthly article on the markets and the latest market news.

Click here to view Ross Mayfield's March Commentary
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Get the latest facts about Baird

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